12 Signs That You Are A Dang Busy Mom

12 Signs That You Are A Dang Busy Mom

Published by Dang Chicks on 11th Feb 2015

Let’s face it…Moms rock! If you are lucky enough to be one, then you know firsthand how your daily schedule fills up fast. “Time for you” is a fantasy reserved only for people on reality television shows that are shot on the imaginary island of “Yeah Right”. The hardest part is that there literally aren’t enough hours in the day to get through your entire to-do list, so you wake up every morning with that sinking feeling that you are going to let someone down. The reality is that the only person that is ever disappointed with you is, well…you.We say “Lighten up, Mom!” Here’s a list to help you do just that.

Top 12 Signs That You Are a Dang Busy Mom

1. You put on a little makeup to freshen up yesterday’s makeup.

2. You have found new ways to reuse receipts you find in your car from fast food restaurants (tissues, note taking…).

3. You use your microwave more than your curling iron.

4. You are afraid to clean your mini-van, and too embarrassed to take it into the car wash.

5. You wonder what you did all day before having kids when you thought you didn’t have time to do anything.

6. You could have sworn that you just cleaned that part of the house 5 minutes ago.

7. You use hairspray as a fragrance enhancement tool.

8. You have already codenamed your future grandchildren as “the revenger”, “one day you’ll understand”, and “what’s comin’”.

9. You KNOW you have officially turned into your mother.

10. You have the same sweatpants in at least 3 different colors so you can “rotate them” without anyone noticing.

11. You call your Mom and ask forgiveness for your teenage years, and then thank her for being such a great dang mom.

12. You look forward to the day when your kids will do the same with you.

So, take heart, chick. Our advice is to give yourself some grace and stop placing unrealistic expectations on your day. Take time to laugh at the ridiculous number of things on your plate, count how many of them are actually important (and to whom they are important to), and then just do those. Oh yeah, be sure to add “laugh a little” to that daily list as well.

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