Dang Runaway Music Festival Recap

Dang Runaway Music Festival Recap

Published by Dang Chicks on 30th Mar 2016

Dang Chicks at the Runaway Music Festival

The Dang Recap!

Hey Chicks! We had such a great time at Runaway Country Music Festival that we thought we should write a blog about it! 

First of all, it was incredible meeting so many Dang Chicks! We love being around the sweet, confident, crazy, funny, and just plain beautiful women that make up the Dang Chicks Nation. We really do love each and every one of you. Each night as we were wrapping things up and heading back to the hotel we would tell stories about the Dang Chicks we met that day! Some stories pulled at our hearts, some were so sweet, and others were just so dang funny! You really touched our hearts and we are forever grateful that you are a part of the Dang Chicks Nation.

Day 1: It’s Dang Roadtrip day! We met at Steph’s house bright and early all packed up and ready to head south. We are all sporting our green Dang Lucky shirts since it’s St. Patrick’s Day. The energy is high! We have been working so hard preparing for this festival, and we can’t wait to get there and get started! It is a 7-hour car ride with lots of laughs! Can you visualize a group of Dang Chicks pulling a heavy trailer? Pretty dang funny! The only rule we have is NO BACKING UP.

We arrive at 2:00 and get checked in. It’s nice finally meeting all the people we have been talking to and emailing the past few months! We drive to our vendor space to meet some dang dudes to help us put up our kick a$$ dangification station (gypsy tent). It is all starting to come together! Did we mention that we have the perfect view of the main stage from our tent? It’s going to be a fun, music filled weekend! Once the tent is up and inspected we head back to our hotel, grab a bite to eat, and get some rest to prepare for an exciting weekend.

Day 2: Rise and shine, bright and early! We grab a quick bite to eat and head to the festival. We are quickly reminded that us Dang Chicks have no business backing the trailer up. Thank you to our vendor neighbors for helping us out! Unloading the trailer is the tough part. Setting up the tables and displays is the exciting part. Everything is really starting to come together. The tent looks awesome and we are ready for Runaway Country to officially start.

We must admit, as people linger through, we love how they stop and adore our tent. There are few that just stand and look and move on, but then there are those that step into our Dangification Station and get the Dang Chick Fever. The stories of why you picked a certain shirt or cuff are touching to us. We laugh at the Dang Men in your lives too. They seem to get a kick out of our Dang Men shirt. Getting to know all of you Dang Chicks really makes our day fly by! Before you know it, we are sitting back singing along to Jake Owen feeling Dang Blessed to be here!

Day 3: Waking up to weather warnings makes the day start off stressful. We decide to get to the festival early so we can check on the tent and make sure everything is dry. And yes, we had to get help backing the trailer in again. While setting up for the day, Runaway staff drives by giving us a warning that bad storms are closing in. We are in panic mode… do we pack up and go to the hotel or sit and wait it out? We decide to sit and wait it out… letting the real ONE in control take over. After lots of prayers, the sun begins to shine! GOD is GOOD!

We are thrilled to meet even more Dang Chicks today! Lots of people are coming to our tent because they heard about us from a friend. People are signing up for a chance to meet LOCASH. Dance-offs for a Dang Chick Survival Kit is taking place.The photo booth is a big hit! Our tent is definitely the place to be and we LOVE it!! We get word that we can meet LOCASH. Fun! As soon as we get back to the tent, we find out we also get to meet Maddie and Tae! Since they are the perfect Dang Chicks we decide to give them a little gift. We wrap a Dang Homegrown tank and Dang Twang tank in koozies and hats. We also have an old banjo case that has Dang Fly painted on it. How perfect is that!?! Chicks, let me tell you that they are super sweet and loved our gifts! Not to mention they rocked the stage!

As rough of a start the day had, it sure did end incredibly! Sitting back watching some Kenny Chesney is a great way to end a crazy, fun, busy day!

Day 4: We wake up and check the weather…it’s going to be a beautiful day! Seriously, how can it already be the last day of Runaway Country? The days have flown by! We need to go out with a bang! People are filling the tent early. Everyone wants to get a chance to meet Chris Jansen. More dance-offs are taking place, social media contests are going on and the tent is crazy! Lots of Dang giveaways! It is clear that Runaway Country has Dang Chick Fever! Dang Chicks are coming back to our tent sporting their new Dang Chicks shirts, koozies and jewelry!

We honestly couldn’t be happier to be here, meeting the best Dang Chicks around! The day is flying by. The music is awesome. People are happy. Next thing you know, we are packing up and loading the truck, all while listening to Eric Church. Life is Dang Good!

Day 5: Sleeping in “late” feels so good. Our bodies are tired, but our minds won’t slow down. We can’t stop talking about all of the Dang Chicks we got to meet. We have a long ride back to Georgia to reminisce.

Of course, our roadtrip back has to have some excitement! As we enter the turnpike we notice our gas is low. The sign says eight miles until the next gas station. You can feel the nerves in the car as everyone is staring at the gas gauge. Just as we pull off the exit, we run out of gas, and we literally coasted right to the pump. We were Dang Lucky!! The laughter that belted out when we made it to the pump will never be forgotten. What a way to wrap this weekend up. We look forward to our next adventure toCharleston SC on April 17th at Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Music and Food Festival. Please come by and visit us!

We really hope you understand how much y’all mean to us. Once a Dang Chick, always a Dang Chick. Until, next time!

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