“I Don’t Wanna Be a Pirate.”

“I Don’t Wanna Be a Pirate.”

Published by Justine Stoddard Andollo on 13th May 2014

My daughter is a dancer. OK, well she takes dance, shows up for all of the classes and has the costume for the recital, but she’s seven years old. That’s hardly old enough for me to label her a “dancer”, right? But that is what I hear so many moms doing. You know the ones. You meet them at a party or the grocery store and they feel compelled to tell you “my little Bridgette is a dancer”. I look down at a four year old girl with her finger up her nose and think, yup, there’s the next Alexandra Ansanelli (a famous ballerina I had to look up, since I don’t actually know any).

Since my daughter was three she has told me at least three things she would like to be when she grows up. First it was an aminal doctor (yes, I know it is spelled wrong, but that is how she said it) then it was a famous singer and then a teacher. There have been others in between, but those are the three that she was really serious about, for at least a week. Personally, I love that she is exploring her options and learning about what she likes and doesn’t like, especially when it doesn’t cost me thousands of dollars to figure it out. I am sure that will come later.

If I follow some mom’s I guess my daughter would be a soccer player, guitar player, dancer, actress, sailor. That’s going to look good on her resume….which she will NOT need for another FIFTEEN years or so. Come on moms! Just because your little girl puts on wings, does not make her an actual fairy. I have to be honest, when I see my son playing with a toy gun, the thought never crosses my mind that he might want to be a police officer or a cowboy (I am just praying he won’t be a bank robber). I just assume he is playing and when he is doing a sport I don’t think about a future with him as a famous athlete, but rather enjoy how much fun he is having right here and now.

I am so happy that my children want to try so many different things. I don’t want to push them in any one direction, but rather let their passion lead them. (Wow that sounded profound. Who knew?) It’s not my place to tell any mother how to think or act, but since I am pretty sure I am always right, they should probably listen. Don’t force your kids to do something they really don’t want to do and don’t live your unaccomplished dreams through your child. Yes, encourage them and support them, but never force them. There is a huge difference between “pushing” and “forcing”. Look it up.

When are moms (that I don’t know) going to learn to stop talking to me in random places? I will turn you into a blog, you know.

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